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Unlock the Power of MnATSA Membership and Connect with a Dynamic Community of Professionals in the Field of Sex Offense Treatment and Evaluation. Join or Renew Your MnATSA Membership Today.

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Are you a dedicated professional in the realm of sex offense treatment and evaluation? Or does your passion lie in an affiliated field, such as probation, advocacy, or research? If your answer is yes, then MnATSA membership is your gateway to a world of opportunity.

The Benefits


Association with a regional network committed to enhancing the evaluation and treatment of individuals who have committed sexual offenses.


Discounts for both ATSA and MnATSA Annual Conferences, as well as other MnATSA training events throughout the year.


Access to a wealth of resources, including:

  • Opportunities to connect and exchange ideas with fellow researchers, treatment experts, and allied professionals.
  • Voting privileges in both MnATSA and ATSA (not available to Associate Members).
  • Online member resources, featuring research, articles, and the ATSA Standards and Guidelines.


Working Outside of MN

As an ATSA member working outside of Minnesota, you can easily become an Affiliate MnATSA member. This means you'll enjoy member discounts for MnATSA events, conferences, and training opportunities, even if you can't vote or serve on the board.​

ATSA Membership ​

To become a MnATSA member, you'll need to first join ATSA. You can find the ATSA application form on their website at​​

Membership Info

Membership is through January 1 to December 31 and there are no prorated membership dues.

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Simply complete the form below and make your payment through the convenient PayPal link provided after submission. Membership is from January 1 to December 31 and there are no prorated membership dues.

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Sign in and have access to MnATSA member specific content, such as Member only documents and board meeting minutes. Training events, and Roundtables will have special links to register that will be found in the event info on the Homepage or the Training & Events Page. While Conference registration will be found on the Conference page as well as on the Homepage.

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