Grant and RFP Opportunities

We would like to inform you of a unique opportunity to advance initiatives in preventing sexual abuse, sponsored by the Minnesota Chapter of the Association for the Treatment and Prevention of Sexual Abuse (MnATSA). MnATSA is the state chapter of the Association for the Treatment and Prevention of Sexual Abuse (ATSA) and is committed to the prevention of sexual abuse in all its forms through effective management and treatment of those who have engaged in sexually harmful behavior. We are pleased to announce a grant opportunity to advance the mission of MnATSA. The maximum grant amount is $2500.

The grant money is available for:
• A specific event/project/task sponsored by an organization with a complementary mission.
• Implementation of evidence-based practice in assessment, treatment, or supervision of individuals who have engaged in sexually harmful behaviors.
• Research or ongoing studies consistent with the mission of MnATSA.

Limitations of the grant; monies cannot be used for:
• Rent/mortgage
• Building expansion/infrastructure
• Routine business expenses or office supplies
• Salaries, professional dues

Grant recipients will be responsible for providing brief, written quarterly updates to the MnATSA board summarizing how grant funds were administered. All submissions will be reviewed and considered. Grantees will be informed by March 2023 and awards will be given to recipients at the annual MnATSA conference.

Please submit this application or any questions to the MnATSA President at by February 17, 2023.