MnATSA History​

The first MnATSA planning meeting was held in early 1995 and the chapter was formally established in August 1995.  Founding Board members were Janis Bremer, Jan Amberson, Bill Crew, Alan Listiak, Dave Compton, and Steve Sawyer.   MnATSA has held a successful annual conference every year since 1997 and has sponsored a number of specialized training seminars, including a basic training program for professionals on sex offender assessment and treatment.

In 2001, MnATSA produced an informational video on sexual abusers and  treatment of sexual abusers.  The video was distributed to libraries throughout the state.  In addition to these activities, MnATSA was instrumental in starting a child sexual abuse prevention program, Stop It Now, Minnesota.  MnATSA has also provided support to Minnesota non-profit organizations that share the mission and goals of MnATSA.


MnATSA serves as an information portal on sexual abuse prevention and intervention for professional colleagues, policy makers and the public throughout the state.

MnATSA Board Members

Rosemary Munns, PsyD

Dr. Rose Munns, PLLC

Katie Holmgren, MA


Project Pathfinder, Inc.

Paul Rodriguez, MA

Minnesota Sex Offender Program

Courtney Menten

Minnesota Sex Offender Program

Kristin Dehrkoop, MS, MSW

Minnesota Sex Offender Program

Riki Kravitz, MA


Kathryn Lockie, MA

Amber Lindeman, PsyD

Past President
Vantage Point Psychological Consultants

Below is information on the MnATSA committees and contact information for committee chairs.

The MnATSA Conference Planning Committee

Responsible for organizing the annual MnATSA conference, one of the largest ATSA state chapter conferences in the nation.  This volunteer-run committee consists of two chairs and 10 members with various backgrounds and expertise who select keynote and pre-conference speakers, review and select workshops, edit the conference brochure, and, with the assistance of the paid conference coordinators, attend to the many details necessary to guarantee a successful conference (e.g. ensuring audiovisual equipment works, conference folders are organized, registration is efficient, Power Points are available in each room, etc…).

The MnATSA Training and Community Outreach Committee

Created in 2016 to provide training outside of the annual MnATSA Conference with a special emphasis to serving those who live outside of the Twin Cities.  To date one training has been provided in Duluth, and the task force intends to provide additional trainings in Rochester, Willmar, and the Brainerd/Bemidji area.  These trainings will be free to MnATSA members and will be provided to non-MnATSA members at a nominal fee.

Education and Public Policy

The MnATSA Education and Public Policy Committee purpose is to provide information, education and guidance on best practices related to the evaluation, treatment, and management of individuals who have sexually abused or are at risk to sexually victimize others. The Education and Public Policy Committee works to accomplish these goals by identifying, monitoring, and responding to trends, issues and concerns related to public attitudes/policies and laws for individuals who have sexually abused or are at risk to sexually abuse.