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Job description:

  • Provide individual, group and family psychotherapy for clients, with demonstrated competency in provision of therapeutic services and case management
  • Attend staff meetings and other program related meetings.
  • Stay  current on sex offender treatment practices and protocols.  .
  • Complete timely quarterly progress reviews for clients [within one week of the quarter end – (ex:  end of 1st Qtr is March 30th, so progress reviews completed no later than end of first week of April]. (at least 85%)
  • Hold clients accountable to their treatment expectations [weekly group, 2 times per month individual sessions, balances not over $200, paperwork is updated and current (ROI’s, quaterleries, case notes, treatment plan, federal paperwork]. At least 85% of clients are in compliance with all of the aforementioned.
  • Review client background, treatment plan and other materials in order to provide effective treatment services
  • Engage in phone calls and consultation meetings related to client care
  • Assist in the coordination of intake assessments as they are referred
  • Conduct intake assessments for possible referral to treatment at one of the Project Pathfinder locations
  • Conduct intake assessments for possible referral to treatment for Private Counseling Services
  • Complete necessary forms, paperwork, and coordination of appointments
  • Formulate a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan
  • Notify probation or other referral party in regards to acceptance or rejection of client to treatment
  • Assist with determination of placement for the client following intake if it is indicated he or she will attend a PPI or PCS program or counseling.

Conduct assessment interviews, formulate diagnoses and develop a treatment plan.

  • Schedule necessary evaluation sessions, complete evaluation summary and present to staff for disposition.
  • Complete necessary forms and related paperwork during evaluation.
  • Notify probation officer in regards to acceptance or rejection of client for treatment.
  • Provide individual, group and family psychotherapy for clients.
  • Prepare for and conduct group therapy sessions.
  • Prepare for and conduct individual therapy sessions.
  • Conduct family therapy sessions for clients as appropriate.
  • Conduct progress reviews with clients and their probation officers.
  • Complete court reports, correspondence and communications necessary to provide clinical services.
  • Monitor and enforce financial compliance
  • Clinical supervision of treatment groups and/or therapists as assigned.
  • Develop rationale, curriculum, any unique elements
  • Evaluate outcome
  • Develop program materials in coordination with the clinical director or designated staff person.
  • Assist in training activities
  • Plan and implement new collaborative relationships with other professionals, community groups and organizations, resulting in new program development for Project Pathfinder, Inc


Master’s Degree, Psy.D or Ph.D., 5 years’ experience in the mental health field and treatment of sex offenders. Appropriate license for field of study and degree.

Experience and competence as a supervisor or an equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential duties of the job such as those listed above.


Competent in group, individual and conjoint therapy. Experienced in interactions with the Criminal Justice System. Competent in clinical supervision. Competent in the specialized treatment of sexual offenses.