Hospital Review Board – Minnesota Sex Offender Program

The Department of Human Services is seeking applicants for a psychologist/mental health professional to sit on the Hospital Review Board for the Minnesota Sex Offender Program.

The Minnesota Sex Offender Program (MSOP) provides inpatient treatment to individuals civilly committed as sexually dangerous persons and sexually psychopathic personalities. The Hospital Review Board (the HRB) is established by and operates under Minnesota Statutes §253B.22 and 253D.04. This HRB hears MSOP clients’ concerns regarding the conditions of their care and provides verbal and/or written recommendations to MSOP administrators.

The HRB meets and acts in three-member panels comprised of an attorney, a psychologist, and a member of the public. HRB members may attend meetings utilizing interactive television (ITV) or an in-person appearance at the MSOP location closest to them (St. Peter, St. Paul, or Moose Lake). 

During the HRB’s meetings, each client receives approximately 15 minutes to present his/her issues to the HRB. Following the hearing, the HRB may make a written recommendation to MSOP which may require a response from the MSOP administration. HRB hearings may occur up to twice per month–monthly at MSOP-Moose Lake and quarterly at MSOP-St. Peter–for up to 3 hours per meeting.

Minimum qualifications:

·         Possess a basic understanding of the Commitment Act (Minnesota Statute Chapters §253B and 253D), particularly those provisions relating to the commitment of individuals as a sexually dangerous person or a sexual psychopathic personality.

·         Have at least two years’ experience in the field of mental health.

·         Able to participate in initial and ongoing training related to service on the HRB.

Preferred qualifications:

·         Experience working with sexual abusers and general knowledge of sex offender diagnosis and treatment.

Applicants may apply by following this link.